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Strong brands stand out. They evoke emotion, reassure and engage people. Merging intelligence and insight with imagination and craft, our strategic thinking and design excellence is based on a fundamental process that aims to achieve remarkable results – regardless of whether you're launching, revitalising or repositioning.

Our Process

Research and Strategy


Our first priority is to understand your business – its mission, vision, values, target markets, competitors and all other information that will allow us to identify how your company fits into its environment. Only then can we analyse, clarify, focus and strategise, devising a brief that will kickstart the creative process.

Designing Identity

Designing Identity

Using our imagination, design expertise and experience we seek to integrate meaning with form. By exploring logos, typography, taglines and colour we endeavour to create an identity that is memorable, appropriate and unique ensuring it works across various media and applications.

Development and Creating Touchpoints

Development & Creating touchpoints

We develop, refine and finalise with an obsessive attention to detail ensuring a polished look and feel. Every touchpoint is considered a brand experience, so whether it's a business card, letterhead, brochure or a website it's important to develop a visual language that is immediately recognisable and consistent – and with our unrivalled ability to control everything in-house you're in the perfect position to achieve just that.

Managing Assets

Managing Assets

Creating your brand identity is just the beginning, it has to be nurtured and disciplined in order to survive and grow. Once launched into the big wide world we can provide the standards and guidelines to manage consistency and integrity with the tools to communicate what your brand stands for.


Maybe you're not looking for a new brand identity? Well that doesn't mean we can't use our skills to wow you in other ways. To put it simply, we can meet all your creative needs and make your communications work harder. We're creative people and thrive on producing top-notch work, it's good for us, even better for you.

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