5 Reasons Why Print Marketing Still Packs a Punch

In this fast-paced digital age, with multiple devices constantly vying for our attention, there is something increasingly attractive about temporarily stepping-away from the glare of a screen and holding a quality printed item in our scroll-fatigued hands. Perhaps the...

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A Guide to Creative Binding Types

In this increasingly digital age, where much of our information arrives electronically, either pinging on our mobile screens or downloading onto our computers, there’s something extra special about receiving a carefully printed and expertly finished piece of...

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5 Top Tips for Shareable Content

If you write, record or snap it, they will come, right? Well, sadly, no, not in most cases. Content creation is growing at an incredible rate and every single day hundreds of millions of photos, videos, updates and stories are created across multiple channels; all...

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3 Essentials of a Successful E-commerce Site

Whether you’re an independent retailer or a large-scale multi-national, a well-designed and carefully structured online store can successfully open up your brand to a huge international market and bring valuable revenue into your business. Here are our 3 essentials of a successful e-commerce site.

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Facebook Advertising Fundamentals

Facebook is currently the largest of the social media networks, sporting over 1.28 billion daily active users. From a sheer numbers perspective, it’s really a no-brainer that your ideal customers are hanging out daily on the platform, ready and waiting to engage with newsfeed content that is meaningful to them.

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5 Digital Typography Trends in 2017

For a skilled web designer typography can be central to the success of a customers online platforms and the process is about much more than simply ensuring your copy is readable. The choice of typeface and how you position, creatively display and style copy within digital channels can be the lynchpin of truly great website design.

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Welcome to Our New Virtual Home

A very warm welcome to our new virtual Douglas home! Please make yourself comfortable and do have a good look around. We’re delighted to have launched our brand new website at douglas.uk.com; including this dynamic new blog.

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