Welcome to Our New Virtual Home

A very warm welcome to our new virtual Douglas home! Please make yourself comfortable and do have a good look around. We’re delighted to have launched our brand new website at douglas.uk.com; including this dynamic new blog where our team will be regularly sharing insights and expertise on all things digital, design and print, as well as exciting updates from the Douglas studio on our latest projects.

Here at Douglas we create extraordinary brand experiences using thoughtful strategy, innovative content and creative design – for print and for web. So it is hugely important to us that our own web platform showcases the enormous amount of skill we’re proud to have within the team; as well as clearly outlining the exceptional and varied services we can offer as a new breed of full-service, creative agency.

It’s our aim to lead by example, so here are just a few of the features we’ve included in our smart, new platform, which could be well worth consideration when it comes to your own online strategy.

Is slow load speed costing you visitors?

With mobile traffic from iPhones, iPads and other devices growing rapidly (now accounting for 36% of all UK e-retail sales) a responsive site; one that has also been optimised for smartphones and tablets, is a must for any business. Not only is it essential that visitors can easily access our content on the go, but the speed at which they access douglas.uk.com is also hugely important to ensure we maintain healthy page-engagement and a low bounce rate.

Dramatically cutting page load-time for mobile visitors was one of our key objectives when we scoped-out redesigning our own site and, by opitmising and deferring images, we’ve reduced the page load-time from 14 seconds to just 3. Win! Put simply, deferring images means that the webpage is loaded first and, only once loaded, are the images downloaded from top down; meaning images are viewable ‘above the fold’, whilst others further down the page continue to load.

Deferring images allows you to deliver a highly visual site, like our own, without impacting the load-time and it can be especially useful for image-heavy sites where the content can be loaded in the background without the visitor even knowing.

An engaging, immersive visual experience using SVG and CSS animation

Creatively, we wanted the new Douglas platform to showcase the design skills within the team, as well as ensure our new site was immersive and engaging for our visitors.

To achieve this we used an image format called Scalable Vector Graphic’s (SVG’s). With people accessing the Internet from a range of devices – with differing resolutions and screen sizes – it’s critical that scalability and responsive techniques are considered within all web designs. Because SVG’s are vector graphic-based, they can scale to the right size to fit any web page, without losing quality, meaning we can be confident that our new site looks fancy and gives a good user experience, wherever it’s accessed.

To create a further visual impact, we utilised SVG and CSS animation in background design and page titles. This gives a truly immersive experience for our users, draws their eye and ensures that the Douglas site is both memorable and engaging.

svg 2 Created with Sketch.

An example of svg and css animation.

Structuring content and audience navigation: focusing on user experience

As one of the few full-service agencies who also offer in-house litho and digital print, we have a huge amount to shout about when it comes to our creative services. It’s important we’re able to clearly display what we can do for our clients and that it’s immediately obvious that we offer design/branding, print and web services from within the Douglas studio, collectively under one roof.

To ensure this was clear, we spent time carefully considering user experience. By asking visitors: ‘What are you looking to do?” when they enter the site, we can focus their website journey around the answer they might be looking for, as opposed to them having to search for this themselves. By allowing users to ‘Start a Project’ or request a ‘Print Quote’ we’ve created an easy way for users to quickly submit requests directly to our team. Now this might not be a new idea but we’ve channeled the same Douglas attention to detail, thought and consideration into these features, which put simply means the forms are pretty nice to use!

Showcasing our work

Here at Douglas we’re incredibly lucky to work on a wide range of creative projects. To showcase this diversity to our new clients, and to visitors to our website, we have spent time collating a large range of in-depth case studies. This helps to give a tangible feel for what we can do across digital, print and web. Additionally, by improving our portfolio layout; including search and filter functions and by focusing on quality images of our work, we can now better highlight the care and attention that goes into all of our work and give a tangible experience of working with Douglas on creative projects.

It’s fair to say we’re pretty proud our new site. We’re confident it’s a fantastic platform to build on whilst we aim, as always, to continue to develop our services and create extraordinary brand experiences for our clients, old and new.

To discuss your own e-commerce requirements or wider digital marketing strategy get in touch with the Douglas experts

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