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All About Pensions is a comprehensive new online pensions guidance platform with a clear mission; to cut through the complexity surrounding retirement funds and provide clear, concise and accessible pensions guidance to their end users.

Focused entirely on pension savings and the accompanying planning needs, their expert team works closely with consumers; cutting through the jargon to explain clearly and concisely the various pension considerations at a given stage of life.

The All About Pensions team do this by connecting customers directly to specialist pensions advisors, who provide tailored advice to best meet the individual’s specific pension related needs; including around pension transfers, retirement savings and investment goals.

All About Pensions Case Study Sketches
All About Pensions Case Study Sketches
All About Pensions Case Study Sketches
All About Pensions Case Study Logo Sketches
All About Pensions Case Study Logo

The Brief

As a specialist new business All About Pensions needed a fresh, engaging and memorable brand identity that successfully blended their modern and easy-to-understand approach to pensions guidance with their years of expertise and experience in the field. With a competitive market place the look and feel of the business needed to elevate All About Pensions above other more complicated advisory services and position them as the go-to-resource for clear, concise pensions advice. It was therefore extremely important that All About Pensions creative resources were distinctive and stood out from the crowd.

On top of considered, expert design, they needed a robust, technically agile and responsive online platform that could easily grow with the company as it successfully developed over time and that clearly and concisely presented complex information to the end consumer and conveyed simplistically the pensions expertise within the All About Pensions team.

The online platform needed to speak to a variety of audiences, to build trust and to encourage consumers to make contact for more tailored advice via various touch points; allowing them to leave contact details and successfully make an enquiry to the All About Pensions team.

All About Pensions Case Study Colour Swatches
All About Pensions Case Study Colour Swatches
All About Pensions Case Study Colour Swatches
All About Pensions Case Study Logo
All About Pensions Case Study Logo
All About Pensions Case Study Banner

Our Approach

The All About Pensions service is uniquely positioned as the only provider of clear, succinct, personalised guidance on pension matters. With this in mind the creative approach had to reflect visually these important proof points in order to successfully formulate the essence of the All About Pensions brand.

From the very beginning our creative team took the time to fully understand and appreciate the needs of the different customer types who would most benefit from the All About Pensions service and it soon became clear that these could be split into 3 distinct, age-related categories. Those thinking about saving for retirement, those actively planning their retirement and those already retired.

These 3 user groups and their strong visual identity formed the backbone of the All About Pensions experience and translated both through creative design – incorporating colour and iconography – as well as forming the overarching structure of the online portal.

Together with the All About Pensions team, our developers carefully considered how users would navigate around the online platform. It was clear that thoughtful development was needed, with intuitive navigation and engaging calls to action to make it quick and easy to find the information most relevant to the end user, whatever the stage of retirement. The site content – both in visual display, tone and language – also needed to convey the easy-to-understand and accessible nature of the All About Pension brand.

All About Pensions
All About Pensions
All About Pensions

Creative Solution

Eye-catching, engaging, simplistic, professional; the new All About Pensions brand identity excellently reflects the core values of the new service offered, through fresh use of colour and an approachable look and feel.

Strong photographic portraits of the three customer age groups convey the personal and individual approach offered by the All About Pensions service and successfully guide the user journey online.

Our focus on delivering a unique and engaging experience for customers at different stages of their pension journey was successfully brought to life through a combination of intuitive navigation features, clear, jargon-free text and compelling calls to action to get in touch with the All About Pensions team.

Page layouts have been carefully constructed to cater for varying screen sizes and devices, adapting to the orientation of tablet and mobile browsers. The careful thought around how information is displayed, accessed and downloaded has created an end result where the audience feels safe, secure, informed and comfortable within the platform at all times thanks to the clean, clear, intuitive design.

The All About Pensions brand and online portal has quickly positioned itself as a trusted source of clear financial guidance and is an extremely useful tool that provides access to the very best pensions advice.

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