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Software vendor EvolveWare was founded in 2001 and automate processes and services related to software applications. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, their client base includes Federal and State Government Agencies, as well as many large financial institutions and insurance companies.

The company’s vision is to provide clients with a single online solution to successfully automate the management of software applications. Launched in May 2017, Intellisys, their ground-breaking new platform, has been expertly designed to automate processes and services related to the documentation, analysis, maintenance, rationalisation, optimisation and modernisation of software applications.

Intellisys provides an unprecedented level of automation for adapting systems to new business models. EvolveWare’s clients benefit from a modern, web-based, workflow-driven platform that can substantially increase productivity and ensure IT operations run more reliably and cost-effectively.

Evolveware Case Study Planning
Evolveware Case Study Logo Sketch
Evolveware Case Study Logo Planning
Evolveware Case Study Logo Sketch
Evolveware Case Study Logo Sketch
Evolveware Case Study Logo Sketch
Evolveware Case Study Logo Sketch

The Brief

Having created an advanced new platform set to revolutionise software automation; EvolveWare needed a strong sub-brand (including striking product name and memorable visual identity) to bring the solution to life and successfully launch this impressive new tool worldwide.

However, it soon became apparent that consideration also needed to be given to the EvolveWare parent branding, so that there could be consistency within the brand architecture as a whole and synergy for future developments, allowing the company to grow and market more effectively – in line with their ongoing marketing strategy.

Finally once parent and sub-branding were in place, a visually appealing website was needed to successfully showcase the new platform and expertly communicate all of its advanced features, in addition to positioning EvolveWare as both the market leader in automated software solutions and a trusted technology partner. This site needed to focus on the solutions offered by the company and educate visitors about the true potential of the Intellisys platform via clearly presented information accessible on a range of different devices.

Evolveware Case Study Logo
Evolveware Case Study Logo

Our Approach

It was immediately apparent from initial meetings with the EvolveWare team that not only was there a huge amount of intelligence, expertise and passion within the business, but that the company was also held in extremely high regard by their existing customers.

Having taken time to fully immerse themselves in the EvolveWare business and the finer technical details of their solution, our design team began by immediately considering the parent brand and reviewing the existing identity. Quickly, the Douglas team recommended transitioning the brand to a simple wordmark; one that would be easily recognisable and positively endorse future sub-brands launched by the company. This wordmark needed to be a modern interpretation of EvolveWare and effectively communicate their modern vision, laser-focused mission, core values, technical expertise and passionate personality.

When developing a great product name – one that is distinctive, memorable, easy to pronounce and emotionally appealing – it is important to research key competitors and the Douglas team soon documented the lack of colour and creativity in the existing marketplace, which presented a huge opportunity for the platform launch.

Initial brainstorming sessions produced a number of strong word connotations and meanings, which enabled our experts to present a number of carefully thought through solutions to the EvolveWare team and, with their input, refine the project even further.

Focusing on the twin goals of; becoming one hundred percent automated and using intelligence as one of the core attributes of the platform gave a solid foundation to work from. By brainstorming as a team and configuring word clouds centred around keywords we were able to present a number of strong options to the client. At every stage of the branding process we collaborated with the EvolveWare team, working with their feedback to hone the final result. Intellisys was born.

To support the creation of the new EvolveWare website and effectively promote the Intellisys platform now that the product name and identity were in place, the team at Douglas led with an agile development approach. By ensuring there was strong collaboration between designer and developer our experts were able to work quickly to iterate fluid design concepts and prototypes, before translating the desired features into a fully-functional online portal to best showcase the Intellisys solution.

Evolveware Case Study Colour Swatch
Evolveware Case Study Colour Swatch
Evolveware Case Study Colour Swatch
Evolveware Case Study Logo
Evolveware Case Study Logo
Evolveware Case Study Banner
Evolveware Case Study Business Cards

Creative Solution

The EvolveWare brandmark evolved from the initial brainstorming and the final design represents a strong and original icon. Formed by using the letters E and W, the finished identity represents lines of code and solidifies the concept of automation that is at the very heart of the business.

This new identity can be effortlessly used across a range of applications and aims to become a recognisable symbol, endorsing EvolveWare platforms for years to come as the business continues to grow. The chosen typography further compliments with clean lines and has been customised to mimic the letterforms of the brandmark. The complete identity is now modern and linear and conveys the intelligence and expertise at the heart of the EvolveWare team.

Intellisys was another amalgamation of two key words – ‘intelligence’ and ’system’. This concept was based on the idea of extracting code and changing it into something new. Selected letters have been extracted to form a new word, which brings meaning and a story to the name.

By using an isometric grid, the triangles which form the Intellisys platform branding depict an arrow, to convey forward thinking and movement and have been enhanced with shades of green to indicate positive emotions, safety and growth. The typeface further complements the angles of the brandmark.

The final website design is graphic and image-led, responsive on all platforms and excellently showcases the wide range of automation the Intellisys solution provides to potential customers. Navigation has been carefully considered, including the use of a user-friendly menu for full details on the Intellisys platform features and the user-centric design ensures visitors can easily find the information they expect quickly and with ease without sacrificing a modern and engaging visual design.

The end result? A sophisticated and modern brand identity, an original and impactful product name and an engaging and user-friendly website; all of which successfully position EvolveWare as true leaders in this expert-driven and technologically advanced marketplace.

Evolveware Case Study Desktop
Evolveware Case Study Website

To further facilitate the easy access of information from within the Intellisys platform, our developers and designers worked together to create a seamless User Interface Design (UI). Featuring clear iconography and typography within the design, logging in and accessing content and code from Intellisys is as easy and intuitive as possible for all users.

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