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Hanbury Wealth are an award-winning firm of independent financial advisors based in the UK. They currently have offices in Bishop’s Stortford and Central London.

As experts in both personal and corporate finance matters, they differentiate from the competition thanks to their holistic approach to financial planning. The team at Hanbury Wealth pride themselves on taking the time to understand each client’s individual needs, goals and preferences before making strategic financial recommendations, earning them a deserved ranking in the prestigious New Model Advisor top 100.

A quickly-growing firm who have fast become a premium player in the financial services industry, Hanbury Wealth proudly commit to providing their clients with clear, jargon-free financial advice, services and support. To strengthen these brand values, the firm needed a refreshed brand identity and a bold, new online presence to successfully showcase their thriving business to the outside world.

Evolveware Case Study Logo Sketch
Evolveware Case Study Logo Sketch
Evolveware Case Study Logo Sketch

The Brief

Following a period of unprecedented growth, Hanbury Wealth were looking for an energising brand refresh, to not only echo their prestigious top 100 advisor status, but to effortlessly position the firm in what is a very competitive market.

A memorable and engaging brand identity was needed to elevate the firm from the crowd; one that could comfortably shine against the traditional static and often repetitive ‘stock image-led’ design that consumers have come to expect from your typical financial sites. A sophisticated style that effortlessly blended years of experience and high-level expertise, combined with the firm’s trademark modern and easy-to-understand approach to financial guidance.

On top of eye-catching and engaging site design features, Hanbury Wealth needed a responsive online platform that could effectively transform the company’s online presence and clearly explain key financial information in an easy-to-understand and transparent way. The site also needed to showcase a range of important documents; ensuring that they were easy to access and immediately recognisable as Hanbury Wealth content, with brand continuity throughout the download process critical for a seamless user experience.

This new brochure site needed to effectively speak to visitors at different stages of their financial planning journey; to showcase the expertise within the firm, to educate on the various financial options available and build trust in the firm, making crystal clear how working with Hanbury Wealth is different to anything consumers have experienced before.

Evolveware Case Study Logo
Evolveware Case Study Logo

Our Approach

Working closely with the Hanbury Wealth team it quickly became clear the exceptional vision and drive of the company and the huge energy and passion within the tight-knit team.

To best capitalise on the success of this already thriving firm, our creatives took the time to focus on what was unique and exciting about the Hanbury Wealth offer, drilling down to the aspects of their work that existing clients loved the most – the knowledgeable, friendly and helpful approach from the expert team.

To formulate the new brand identity, our creative team focused on this nurturing approach to all clients, playing around with different interpretations on the financial theme before settling on the idea of conveying this through carefully selected animal imagery. Animals add warmth and personality, allowing our design team to magnify desirable traits such as knowledge, strength and loyalty and allow visitors to forge an emotional connection with the content on site.

Hanbury Wealth has a unique ability to take complex financial agreements and clearly communicate this to the end customer and the finished website needed to reflect this. Clear navigation and easy access to key materials were critical. With a suite of important downloadable assets, the new site needed to be clean, simple and effortless to navigate, to ensure users could find exactly the right information needed and easily contact Hanbury Wealth to further their enquiry.

Our developers carefully considered how different users would navigate around the new online platform, ensuring different goals could be met depending on client needs. The end result is a truly client-centred online platform which is a joy to navigate.

Evolveware Case Study Banner
Evolveware Case Study Logo
Evolveware Case Study Logo
Evolveware Case Study Banner
Evolveware Case Study Business Cards

Creative Solution

Bold graphics with subtle engraving, slick animation and linear patterns combined with a crisp, clean layout ensure the Hanbury Wealth website immediately catches the eye and engages the visitor.

The striking colour palette and graphic blends, which cleverly mirror the feel and texture of fifty, twenty and five-pound bank notes, are a playful yet memorable nod to the financial subject matter.

The new brand identity is effortlessly sophisticated and perfectly mirrors their top 100 Advisor status.

Clear blocks of jargon-free text on clean, white backgrounds and logical calls to action at the end of each text section ensure that visitors are successfully routed around the site to access exactly the right information or outcome they need, ensuring a smooth, stress-free user journey.

Subtle movement adds interest and variation to both the header images, as well as the often static and forgotten ‘About’ page; perfectly showcasing the personality within the expert team.

Thanks to the mobile-first approach, page layouts have been carefully constructed to cater for varying screen sizes and devices, adapting to the orientation of tablet and mobile browsers. The care and thought invested in how the information is displayed, accessed and downloaded has created an end result where the audience immediately feels at home on site and places trust in the firm, thanks to the clean, clear, intuitive design.

Downloadable assets have been seamlessly branded to ensure there is consistency throughout the user journey and that the same high level of Hanbury Wealth quality is experienced from download to opening.

The new Hanbury Wealth identity perfectly positions the firm as a memorable, market-leading service. The new online presence is the perfect platform to facilitate their continual growth and build on their bright future.

Evolveware Case Study Desktop
Evolveware Case Study UI Brand Guidelines

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