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Racebikebitz, a leading supplier of Samco Sport, were struggling to streamline their workflow when they first approached the Douglas team. We took time to understand their business, including their end-to-end online ordering processes and came up with a time-saving solution that connects all of their online platforms and integrates with Sage 50 accounts.

Due to the huge amount of colour variations in Racebikebitz stock our developers generated tens of thousands of SKU’s as part of the e-commerce site build, ensuring their inventory was set up accurately and efficiently within the platform. To add interaction to the site and engage visitors we created an innovative tool which allows customers to effectively customise the design of their hose parts using the ‘custom camo’ options.

Thanks to the seamless integrations the team at Racebikebitz can now spend more time on increasing sales, rather than being bogged down with unnecessary administration.

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