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Project Summary

Independent British eyewear brand William Morris London had a number of important requirements when it came to building their new website. With both a thriving B2B (opticians) and B2C (general public) audience they needed to be able to effectively showcase their products and provide prices and ordering details for their optician clients, as well as act as a brochure site highlighting the types of frames on offer directly to the general public.

To deliver this the team at Douglas created an intelligent solution which allows for logged in and logged out states and offers different functionality depending on the user and their needs. Opticians can quickly log in and view prices and place orders, as well as search via model number to quickly add to basket. End customers interested in purchasing frames can instead easily view the nearest store carrying stock, using the built in stockist locator.

To ensure system integration, stock levels and ordering are automatically synced between the website back-end and Sage50 which is highly efficient and guarantees accuracy at all times.

High quality, visually appealing photography is an essential component of any e-commerce website and in addition to the website development the team at Douglas were able to shoot the collection of William Morris London frames to create a beautiful portfolio of product images for use on the site.

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