Dyriah E-Prix

We’ve been involved in lots of motoring design and print, dating back to the early years of Douglas, and it’s been so interesting to see how the industry has evolved over the decades. The most significant change in recent years is the obvious proliferation of electronic vehicles, from consumer brands to competitive grades. The design for the Diriyah E-Prix 2021 brochure is something of a hybrid itself, elegant and simple – with classic colouring and sumptuous paper stocks – with some ultra-modern illustrations, design effects and photography. Diagrams, charts and a glossary add further visual effect and break the copy into easily digestible sections. Everything about our design and layout is done with careful consideration of the content and how it needs to be conveyed. This even includes our choice of paper stocks too – what’s going to give the end product enough weight and the right kind of tactility? In this case, a range of G . F Smith were used, as follows: outer cover Plike green 330gsm, cover Zen pure white 270gsm, inside pages Zen pure white 150gsm and centre spread Plike green 140gsm.