Hanbury Wealth

Since its inception in 2010, we’ve been working with Hanbury Wealth to bring a different kind of brand offering to the independent financial advisor market. Where others in the industry have had a tendency to be, or at least look, somewhat dry, Hanbury Wealth wanted to reflect their holistic approach and separate themselves from the competition in what is a hugely competitive market. They work on the premise that every client’s needs are individual (and rightly so), and wanted to reflect that in their visual identity. Gone are the clinical blues, blacks, stark graphics and stock photography of many others in the field, and in with a rich, warm palette of red, orange, purple and teal, set against a simple background and subtle grey copy. Ditching the same tired images of anonymous people, we chose to illustrate with animals instead. Animals can convey warmth on a personal level, much like people do, and gave us a wonderful base from which to create some interesting multi-levelled illustrations. Notice the effects used on each image, reminiscent of bank notes and rich in detail. Graphic patterns lend themselves well to the transition from print to web, resulting in a cohesive and smart portfolio.