Pulp Haus

More than just a passion project, Pulp Haus is the brainchild of multiple Douglas minds – a culmination and bringing together of many years of ideas, research & development, poring over paper stocks, product testing and exquisite craftsmanship. Bringing you ‘Stylish design-led products for the stationery lover. Created and sustainably crafted by us in the UK’, we’re doing exactly what we say on the tin. Collectively the team has had a lifelong love of stationery, and given our setting – in-house print facility and design studio at our fingertips – Pulp Haus has been very much a natural progression. We’re sticklers for perfection around these parts and being able to design, create and curate our own products, as well as build our own site, direct and take our own photographs and write our own copy, is nothing short of a dream come true. In essence, we’ve been our own client, and so the drilling down and building up of our values and mission has been fairly organic. We’ve thought about all the characteristics that make up the kind of stationery we’d want to buy, and we’re a discerning (read obsessive) bunch, in order to offer a collection we’re truly invested in and which we think you’ll love too. Artfully-designed, but with all practical elements considered, each range offers something unique for the paper goods aficionado.