The George Cooper Physiotherapy Clinic

We hit the ground running at the start of 2021 with a complete design overhaul for The George Cooper Physiotherapy Clinic, including everything from a new logo, branding, colour palettes and typography, to compliment a brand new website and supporting stationery.

At Douglas, we find we create our best work when we really get to know the client — who they are, what they do and who they might be trying to reach. With that in mind, we needed a logo which would convey fluidity, motion, the self, health and wellbeing – concepts at the very heart of George’s clinic. The simple lines of our running figure reflect the modern approach of the practice and also suggest an ease of movement, the ultimate goal for every one of George’s clients. Great time and consideration was given to how the figure would look in various iterations and across various media, from uniforms to web, print and signage, alongside accompanying typography and in various colourways.

Once our running figure had been ‘born’, we were then able to use it to give shape to the rest of the design concept. Careful thought was given to the best-fitting typeface, and we eventually hit on a crisp, clean and simple style with soft edges, to support our figure and provide clarity – perfect for a longer title such as this. You’ll see George’s name is given emphasis, highlighted to the left with a bright blue used elsewhere in the portfolio, and enveloped to the right by the figure-in-motion. The palette of blues and greys suggest professionalism and care, cleanliness and modernism, all qualities synonymous with the practice. We knew these colours would work well across physical and devices and provide enough contrast to be eye-catching yet subtle.

While working on the overarching concept for the clinic, we were mindful of the fact it would need to work not only across a range of physical products but also web, too. At the start of any project this will always be a major consideration for us – how will any branding be viewed, and how much will this impact the nature of the design? How will colours work across different delivery methods and how might a logo look when viewed on a phone screen, as opposed to a billboard or a shop vinyl? The simple and clean aesthetic of the finished brand offering here lends itself well to the web – the range of colours allow for differentiation between sections, and the running figure at different sizes adds a dynamic look to the content. Easily navigable pages and simple buttons make for further ease of use and a concise approach to the copy and tone-of-voice make the site feel accessible at all times.