William Morris London

Occasionally clients come along who motivate different. William Morris are a UK-based eyewear company whose name is synonymous with quality products and excellence in customer service, so when they approached us to work on taking their look in a new direction, it was like Christmas had come early. Wanting to move away from the cookie-cutter studio shots of their competitors, we worked closely with the team to establish the core values of the brand and turn those into a creative direction for various campaigns spanning a number of seasons. Much work was done to source just the right venues for the photography in each case – an East London warehouse and street locations, among others – and on styling and art direction. In short, it was the stuff of a design companies’ dreams. The scope to go for a cutting-edge and urban aesthetic offered much in the way of creative freedom, and the results are undoubtedly evident in the first portfolio below. Modern, slick, and uber-stylish. Gritty, fun and undeniably-sexy, we’ve got adjectives for days. Here is a brand which says “We’re here, and we will be noticed”. Painstaking care was taken over both the direction and styling – textures, lighting and furniture within the space, as well as the models’ hair, make-up, clothing and carefully-crafted poses – all shot to catch those nuances just so. As a result, the raw quality of the images is exquisite, an edgy canvas on which to showcase the eyewear and give it its rightful air of effortless cool. On other shoots, a more polished and opulent approach was taken. White glasses and black lipstick, check. Next scarf and black suit, check. On a London street, with an edgier slant again, tortoiseshell and purple reigned supreme with textured clothing and glossy frames. Think 90s grunge with side of luxe. Celebrating the heritage of the London label while clearly defining its place at the forefront of eyewear fashion. The final campaigns were rolled out across lookbooks, point of sale, web and exhibitions, reinforcing their cohesive aesthetic, whatever the medium.
Art Direction